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Whether you work for a Resort, an Aquatic Park, an HOA, a Country Club, an Apartment Complex or anywhere else with a commercial aquatic facility, hiring the correct pool management team is crucial to your day-to-day success. An incompetent operator or lifeguard for a resort, HOA, or country club could potentially lead to dangerous scenarios involving your children. Trained lifeguards enforce rules and therefore save lives by enforcing a set of water safety standards that keep parents accountable for their kids while enjoying the supervision of their children.







USA Pools of California understands the importance of water safety. Without water safety protocols parents are left to worry about the safety of their children and aquatic owners concerned about the liability of their facility. USA Pools of California wants to ensure that all the facilities we manage and the clients and patrons that visit these aquatic facilities are aware of the necessary water safety protocols in place to keep safety #1. We perform aquatic management services for facilities across the state, including cities in and around the Los Angeles, San Diego, San Jose, San Francisco, and Fresno areas.
As parents of small children continue to increase their daily screen time, the amount of time they are spending supervising their children seemingly decreases. This is true at home, out in public, shopping and even at an aquatic facility. In our current times, it is common for most HOA pools, Aquatic Centers, Resorts and Public Swimming Pools to have Wi-Fi, further enabling parents to lose track of their kid’s activities while being busy reading news alerts or scrolling social media. If your facility values swimming pool management and believes in the importance of a qualified water park operator, USA Pools of California is your best fit. We provide top of the line aquatic management services, that can source qualified lifeguards, and can even overhaul your facilities water safety protocols if needed.










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Los Angeles Pool Management Company
Whether you live in Los Angeles County, San Diego, San Francisco, San Jose or Fresno, USA Pools of California has you covered. Whether you are seeking lifeguard staffing, pool reconstruction services, maintenance, repairs, or more, there is no job too large or too small for our team. Our company prides itself on providing the highest quality aquatic management services of any lifeguard service or lifeguard staffing company in the entire state. Servicing Municipalities, Resorts, Water Parks, HOA’s, Country Clubs, and more we at USA know the importance of professionalism and how clients deserve to be treated.
Community Pool Management
Yes, we absolutely do. For an HOA or Board of Directors, hiring a pool management company can be a difficult decision, one that could impact residents in the community for years to come. At USA Pools of California, we consider one of our strengths is our ability to find, attract, and recruit top talent. We have created a culture where young people/professionals can develop, grow, and understand accountability and truly feel like they are a part of a winning team. Our leadership is second to none and we are always willing to talk with an HOA or HOA management company about aquatic management, lifeguard management, and any other aquatic service that can help provide your swimming pool and aquatic facility to run smoothly.


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